Who am I?

I am an experienced worker, (born -63), with broad skills that lives in Sundbyberg, Stockholm, Sweden.
I enjoy making stuff with my own hands and have millions of ideas that I would like to fullfill.
One of them is this web description of me and all my interests.

My wife and I is often at our summerhouse just south of Norrtälje, we go out there, enjoy the silence and do some gardening and when needed, take out hammer and nails and do som carpentry on the houses and building new stuff as we see fit.
Even if we really enjoy the stay there, there is one that likes it even more, our cat :), he just loves to be out there and keep the house mouse-free.

When all our current projects are done at the house I plan to take the camera, a Canon 40d, out to find some interesting subjects to fill the walls with. And why not take our little row-boat out fishing in the archipelago.